Teeth whitening is an excellent way to boost your self-confidence. It also improves your overall oral health, removes persistent stains, and brightens your teeth by several shades.

The Advantages of Teeth Whitening

Your smile is the first thing others notice about you, so why not make it shine with our teeth whitening services? Our tooth gems can also add some extra sparkle to your pearly whites. Get ready to have the confidence to show off your Hollywood smile.


Achieve instant results in just one session.


Get your teeth several shades whiter.


Get professional results at an affordable price.


A non-invasive treatment for a Hollywood smile

Create a Unique Look with Tooth Gems

Tooth gems are a popular trend that can add some extra bling and personality to your smile. They are applied directly to the tooth enamel and are a safe and non-invasive way to customize your teeth. Choose from a variety of colors and styles, and create a unique look that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Benefits of Tooth Gems

  • Non-invasive procedure
  • No damage to teeth
  • Easy application
  • Affordable price

Types of Tooth Gems

  • Gold tooth gems
  • Crystal tooth gems
  • Colored tooth gems
  • Custom tooth gems

Stain Hybrid Brow Dye

A Temporary Tint for Effortlessly Defined Brows!

Our Stain Hybrid Brow Dye offers the best of both worlds, providing a temporary tint that lasts up to 10 days on the skin and up to 6 weeks on the brow hairs. This innovative solution allows you to enjoy beautifully tinted and defined brows without the long-term commitment. Whether you're looking for a special occasion or want to switch up your look regularly, our Stain Hybrid Brow Dye is the perfect choice. Discover the convenience and versatility it brings to your brow game at Divine Radiance Studio.

Permanent Makeup Brows

Discover the transformative allure of our Permanent Makeup Brows at Divine Radiance Studio. Our expert PMU artist craft bespoke brows, defining your features with precision. Choose from techniques like Ombre Powder Brows (MicroShading) and Combo Brows, ensuring a long-lasting, natural finish. Embrace the convenience of flawlessly styled brows every day. Revolutionize your look through the artful application of pigment, intricately designed to last. Our advanced techniques blend expertise and innovation, ensuring each stroke enhances your natural features. Explore the world of enduring elegance and discover how our Permanent Makeup Brows can redefine your beauty effortlessly.

Mission Statement

At Divine Radiance Studio, we are committed to empowering individuals by enhancing their natural beauty and instilling confidence. Through meticulous artistry and personalized care, we strive to provide a transformative experience in permanent makeup, teeth whitening, and beauty services. Our mission is to create a haven where beauty meets precision, ensuring every client leaves feeling radiant and self-assured.

Vision Statement

At Divine Radiance Studio, we believe that beauty is not just about appearances; it's about self-expression and embracing your authentic self. We celebrate individuality and encourage our clients to shine from within. Our studio is a haven of elegance and sophistication, where you can discover your inner radiance.

Our Core Values





What to do before my PMU Brow appointment?

Avoid sun exposure for at least two weeks prior. No retinol and AHA products one week prior. No caffeine or alcohol intake 24 hours prior. Hydrate! Drink plenty of water for well hydrated skin. Gently exfoliate a few days before to remove dead skin. Skip aggressive facial treatments, and chemical peels. Arrive with clean, makeup free skin. Discuss allergies, sensitivities, and medications. Rest up for a comfy experience.

Does teeth whitening damage my teeth?

Whitening does not damage your teeth when done correctly. Our whitening products are safe and free from harsh chemicals.

How long does tooth gem application take?

Tooth gem application is a quick and painless procedure that can be done in around 15-30 minutes. Time may vary depending upon design/style desired.

Can I eat or drink with my tooth gems?

You can eat and drink with tooth gems, but it's best to avoid hard or sticky foods that could damage the gems.

How long does professional teeth whitening last?

The results of dental chairside or in-office bleaching are long lasting but not permanent. With proper care, and maintenance your brighter smile can last for 1-3 years

What are ombre powder brows?

"Ombre" brows refer to a particular technique of eyebrow tattooing. Using the finest needle, thousands of tiny dots are tattooed into the brow. After healing, the result is a soft powder finish.

Are ombre powder brows permanent?

Despite being permanent make up techniques, both microblading and powder brows will fade over time. Ombre Brows can maintain their beauty for an extended duration, although they gradually lighten over time. Fading may become apparent 24 to 36 months. For individuals desiring consistently immaculate brows, touch-up sessions can be scheduled as frequently as every 6 months. Your brows will be evaluated by the atrist to determine if it is time for a refresh.

What to expect following the semi-permanent procedure?

Do not apply any creams, ointment, or get brows wet for duration of healing period. For more specifics regarding what you may expect, please visit our booking site.

How long does tooth gems last?

Most tooth gems are semi permanent and with proper after care and dental materials used, they can last anywhere between six months to one year after initial application.

Discover Your Inner Beauty

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